Thursday, 30 July 2015

Dear Storm by James M

Dear Storm

Why do you rattle doors like castanets?

Why do you blow down massive, ancient trees with your cold, icy breath?

Why do you send your army of thunder and lightning, screeching and screaming, banging

and flashing?

Why do you create tornadoes which tear and rip our houses apart?

Why do you send armies of rain pouring and sloping down?

Why do you whip up foamy, splashing waves, which turn into treacherous, dangerous

whirlpools and water spouts?

Why do you send hail thundering down?

Why do you send eerie, spooky typhoons to scare children?

Why do you whip leaves around in colourful tornadoes?

By James

Dear Storm by Carol

Dear Storm

Why do you make the wind howl and whistle through the broken branches of ancient trees

with its eerie woodwind voice?

Why do you whip up foamy waves with your spooky thunder song?

Why do you make the rain pour endlessly on my bedroom window?

Why can’t you let us rest peacefully and quietly as we are not disturbing your angry, noisy


Why do you flood the bare streets with your cold, wet tears?

Why do you send cyclones and hurricanes with your frightening, commanding sound?

Why do you rattle loose doorknobs with your icy breath?

Why do you rip down trees like wet, soggy paper, with your scary, strong and freezing


Why do you send lightning to strike down at houses ever so eerily?

Why do you send rubbish hurtling in every single direction?

Why do you make leaves hang lifelessly on the trees with your wintry breath?

Why do you make the waves rise high and sink ships effortlessly with your dangerous


Please write back soon.

By Carol Y

Dear Storm by Charlotte

Dear Storm

Why do you rattle the blinds like crazy tambourines?  Why can’t you be a little quieter so

children can go to sleep?

Why do you send trash can lids soaring through the air like crashing speedboats?

Why do you blow down trees with your cold hard breath?

Why do you brush the leaves off the trees and flip them like an acrobat to the ground?

By Charlotte N

Dear Storm by Brayden

Dear Storm

Why do you rattle the blinds with your cold frosty wind?

Why do you rattle the doors like a band of castanets?

Why do you send rubbish bin lids gliding gracefully through the cold wintery night like a


Why do you whip up waves that tower over ships?

Why do you make leaves fly through the air gracefully like acrobats?

By Brayden L

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Above me
I hear the possums as they jump from tree to tree. I see the moon and the stars shining as they make a ghostly glow. I can feel low branches as they brush past my face. I can see the the glooming glow as it goes straight past my hiding spot. Just like a lighthouse, clouds swirl in the sky as I catch a faint glimpse of the sky through the trees.

Below me
I feel the the leaves as they crush below me. I hear a crack as I step on a branch. I feel the long sharp grass as I dive into it to hide. I feel my  legs burn as I push on.. I feel sharp sticks threatening to kill me as I trip and fall on to the cold hard ground, hoping against hope that it didn't give me away.

In front of me
I see people as they rush ahead of me. There it is, my final hiding spot a big oak tree. I see dozens of trees as they stand tall over me.

Behind me
I heard  moans as yet more people get spotted. I heard a "nice try" behind me as Abby patted me on the back. I also heard a few yes’s as people tagged abby. “Time for another game” Abby said.

By Alex-David Year 6

Letter to Flight MH370

Sunnyhills School
17 The Crest
Auckland 2010
New Zealand

27 March 2014

Dear Flight MH370

On the 8th of March, you disappeared causing the most puzzling mystery in the history of Aviation. You could be full of people, very scared and wanting to get to a safe place instead of staying in the plane.

The flight from Kuala Lumpur was thought to be a normal flight, but quite the opposite. Apparently during the flight route you changed direction, it is a mystery why. Relatives of your passengers must be exhausted, deep in depression, not knowing where you are. The anger and torn souls has defeated humans around the globe, salty tears pouring out of their lifeless eyes.

In my opinion, someone wanted to commit suicide and then blew you up. Sadly, if that happened everybody on board would die. The explosive must have been hidden somewhere. Where would the explosive have been hidden? Somewhere around the cabin could be possible, But anywhere in the plane is also possible. Of course, it could've been a small explosive - like a grenade - or something destructive - like a keg of dynamite. As well as killing many people, a explosion could have disabled everything e.g the communications, the steering thing they use.

Many theories have been offered about your disappearance, but one of them I strongly believe that if we search closely in that specific area, we might have the key to your mystery that has shocked the world. Has your pilot driven you into the middle of the Indian Ocean? Evidence has been found in the house of your co-pilot that he was using a flight simulator to practise landing  planes like yourself. Is that true? Were your pilots reliable, qualified etc, etc? All passengers on you have sadly passed from this nightmare that has pulled us in to start researching, tuning into the news and more. How deep are you in the Indian Ocean? Personally, I think that your debris is buried in the bottom of the vast ocean, scattered across the sea bed. Now that you have been found, will the pilot's reason be revealed? Will we ever find out if the pilot committed suicide, killing all the passengers as well? The world is stunned by this disaster.

In conclusion, the world is looking for answers. Where has your black box gone? It holds the answer to this mystery. Your people are gone, is that the case of the black box? Debris has covered the ocean, which makes it harder to find your black box. 26 countries are working together, searching for you. Where have you gone?

Thinking of you with love and affection,

Isaac D Year 4 and Charlotte T Year 5