Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Above me
I hear the possums as they jump from tree to tree. I see the moon and the stars shining as they make a ghostly glow. I can feel low branches as they brush past my face. I can see the the glooming glow as it goes straight past my hiding spot. Just like a lighthouse, clouds swirl in the sky as I catch a faint glimpse of the sky through the trees.

Below me
I feel the the leaves as they crush below me. I hear a crack as I step on a branch. I feel the long sharp grass as I dive into it to hide. I feel my  legs burn as I push on.. I feel sharp sticks threatening to kill me as I trip and fall on to the cold hard ground, hoping against hope that it didn't give me away.

In front of me
I see people as they rush ahead of me. There it is, my final hiding spot a big oak tree. I see dozens of trees as they stand tall over me.

Behind me
I heard  moans as yet more people get spotted. I heard a "nice try" behind me as Abby patted me on the back. I also heard a few yes’s as people tagged abby. “Time for another game” Abby said.

By Alex-David Year 6

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