Thursday, 30 July 2015

Dear Storm by Carol

Dear Storm

Why do you make the wind howl and whistle through the broken branches of ancient trees

with its eerie woodwind voice?

Why do you whip up foamy waves with your spooky thunder song?

Why do you make the rain pour endlessly on my bedroom window?

Why can’t you let us rest peacefully and quietly as we are not disturbing your angry, noisy


Why do you flood the bare streets with your cold, wet tears?

Why do you send cyclones and hurricanes with your frightening, commanding sound?

Why do you rattle loose doorknobs with your icy breath?

Why do you rip down trees like wet, soggy paper, with your scary, strong and freezing


Why do you send lightning to strike down at houses ever so eerily?

Why do you send rubbish hurtling in every single direction?

Why do you make leaves hang lifelessly on the trees with your wintry breath?

Why do you make the waves rise high and sink ships effortlessly with your dangerous


Please write back soon.

By Carol Y


  1. Maggie Yu (Carol's Mum)10 August 2015 at 21:27

    Wow! Well done Carol. Your writing is very amazing.

  2. I love your writing Carol.