Thursday, 30 July 2015

Dear Storm by James M

Dear Storm

Why do you rattle doors like castanets?

Why do you blow down massive, ancient trees with your cold, icy breath?

Why do you send your army of thunder and lightning, screeching and screaming, banging

and flashing?

Why do you create tornadoes which tear and rip our houses apart?

Why do you send armies of rain pouring and sloping down?

Why do you whip up foamy, splashing waves, which turn into treacherous, dangerous

whirlpools and water spouts?

Why do you send hail thundering down?

Why do you send eerie, spooky typhoons to scare children?

Why do you whip leaves around in colourful tornadoes?

By James


  1. I love your poem James! It is so good it gave me shivers!

  2. James, this is fantastic! I felt each and every one of your emotions associated to the various weather experiences your poem so beautifully describes. Well done! Aunty Michelle

  3. Good effort in your work. Well done James.